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1/23/2019 - Website Access Issues
  Recently, several s-SMS Tool users have been experiencing difficulty accessing the website or certain features within the website.
If you are experiencing any issues please contact the SMCX team by e-mailing smcx@ctc.com or calling the hotline at 1-877-292-2880.
Thank you for your understanding and patience while the SMCX team resolves this issue.
10/2/2018 - FY2019 Webinar and Workshop Schedules
  The SMCX is pleased to announce the 2018 webinar and workshop series.
To view the full schedule of webinars, click here.
To view the full schedule of workshops, click here.
To register for or obtain additional information on any of these webinars or workshops, please visit: https://www.smscx.org/training/sessions.aspx?typeid=4

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